Communist China Accepts Unmarried Pregnancy

According to domestic media reports, many parts of Communist China have recently implemented or will soon implement a policy on relaxing birth registration to allow non-marital births to be registered. This policy has sparked much debate in the private sector. The official statement of the CCP states “the marriage restriction on birth registration has been abolished”. That is, from February 15th this year, the original “couples should register their births before giving birth” will be changed to “all citizens who give birth to children should register their births”, which is valid for five years. This change in policy means that the registration of non-marital births is officially allowed. Feminist advocates see this as encouraging women in the CCP’s China to “get pregnant before they marry. At the same time, this policy also serves to encourage and advocate for women to divorce on their own, raise their children alone, and other behaviors. In the face of public skepticism, the CCP has come out with an official explanation that it is not encouraging people not to get married and have children. This is not an easy policy to introduce, as the National Bureau of Statistics of the CCP announced on January 17th that 9.56 million people were born and 10.41 million people died in 2022, a decrease of 850,000 people from the previous year-end but to protect the rights and interests of people who are “unmarried and pregnant first”. This is the first time that the population has declined since the country suffered a great famine in the early 1960s after the “Great Leap Forward” movement led by Mao Zedong. Under the Chinese Communist dictatorship, most young people chose to be the “last generation” due to the enormous pressure to survive and were determined to “lie flat and not have children”, causing great pressure on the government to open up measures related to unwed pregnancies so vigorously. Having offspring is a major life event, and since the CCP is an evil regime that regards the people as human ore, the people inside CCP China must realize its dark intentions and protect themselves as much as possible from the CCP’s propaganda and deception.

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