U.S. Confirms Communist China-Made Ammunition Involved in the Russia-Ukraine War

It was reported on March 18, a US government official said on March 17 that the US has conclusive evidence that the Russian military used several batches of ammunition made by Communist China in their war of aggression against Ukraine, but they have yet to disclose the details.

The official said that Washington would be ready to take action once it is confirmed that these munitions were supplied by Beijing. The US has informed some partners of this intelligence. This news was released as Xi Jinping plans to pay a three-day state visit to Moscow on the 20th. This will be Xi’s first visit to Russia since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war last year.

Xi is widely expected to reaffirm his close relationship with Putin. US President Joe Biden has warned Xi Jinping in talks that if Xi provides military assistance to Russia, the consequences will be serious. Beijing has repeatedly denied any intention of providing Russia with weapons and has portrayed itself as a peacemaker, but it now appears to have no reservations.

According to reports from American news websites, Communist China’s companies sent 1,000 assault rifles, drone parts, and other equipment with potential military uses to Russian entities between June and December last year. Xi’s regime has already taken an active part in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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