Members of NFSC File a Case Against University Of Maryland to Uphold First Amendment

Members of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) who were previously threatened and harassed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for their participation in a protest against CCP spy Shan Weijian and his daughter, who’s attending the University of Maryland, with the support of Global Himalaya Alliance and filed a lawsuit on March 17 against them. The defendants include school authorities of the University of Maryland, the chief of the police department at the University of Maryland of Baltimore campus, Shan Weijian, and his daughter Shan LeeAnn.

This case is accepted by the district court of Maryland. The First Amendment protects the right of persons to express their opinions free from undue interference from governmental entities. It is reported that members of NFSC were legally protesting CCP spy Shan Weijian at the University of Maryland, but the university arises from restrictions to and interference with the Plaintiffs in the exercise of their Constitutionally protected rights on public property, in that Defendants, individually or in concern, ignored and canceled a duly issued permit without cause or notice, stopped the Plaintiffs from hosting signs and posters, and forced the NFSC protesters to repeatedly change the method of protest.

Meanwhile, someone from the school sent a drone directly flying in front of the protesters to capture footage of their features, and despite the University of Maryland being regulated as a “No Drone Zone”, the drone conductor ignored federal safety regulations to film and threaten the protesters at will. Members of the NFSC will appeal and protect their legitimate rights under this law.

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