International Criminal Court Issues Warrant for Putin’s Arrest Before Xi’s Visit to Russia

The Kremlin press office announced on March 17 that the chairman of CCP, Xi Jinping has planned to pay a state visit to Russia on March 20 to 22.

Subsequently, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Putin, alleging Moscow’s forcible deportation of Ukrainian children is a war crime, and he is accused of illegally deporting Ukrainian civilians to Russia. The arrest warrant states that these crimes have been committed on occupied Ukrainian territory since February 24, 2022, and Putin is responsible for them.

Additionally, International human rights organizations issued a statement saying that this arrest warrant is a “momentous day” for many people who have suffered various atrocities at the hands of the Russian army in Ukraine. The statement said that by issuing an arrest warrant for Putin, the ICC had made him a “wanted criminal”. The news immediately drew widespread attention. Will Xi Jinping still visit Russia as planned and meet with Putin? It remains unknown.

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