US Senator To Release ‘Groundbreaking’ Report On The Origin Of The CCP Virus

According to the media report on March 14, Senator Marco Rubio promised in a press release, a ‘groundbreaking’ new report on the origin of the CCP virus would soon be released. Rubio said that his office is finalizing a report based on nearly 18 months of investigation on the true origin of this pandemic. The report will reveal evidence either previously unknown or ignored by the US government. It is a groundbreaking examination of what was happening in Communist China during the years and months leading up to the outbreak of the pandemic.

The release also showed a video teasing the new findings. Rubio said that we’ve been told all along that the catastrophe was an act of nature, but the documents from the CCP were a different story. Now, we have enough pieces put together to change the whole narrative.

According to Rubio’s office, the forthcoming report presents a large amount of circumstantial evidence that the pandemic sweeping the world may have come from a lab leak in Wuhan, Communist China. However, the exact release date of the new report has not been announced.

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