NFSC Fellow Fighters Go On Live While Waiting For Miles Return

On March 15, the fellow fighters of the NFSC (New Federal State of China) participated in the Grand Live Broadcast from various time zones around the world, continuing to disclose the “13579 Plan” launched by the CCP against the United States. The broadcast also exposed a series of collusion between the American traitors and the CCP, the infiltration into the U.S. judicial system, economics, media, etc. The live broadcast will continue until Miles Guo returns safely.

This time, the SEC, DOJ and FBI jointly dispatched, and mainstream media rushed up to report the news of Miles’s arrest, showing the manipulation of the CCP’s black hands behind it. However, with the steady progress of the U.S. Congress on the origin of the CCP virus, there is not much time left for the CCP and American traitors, so the encirclement and suppression against Miles and the NFSC have also reached the point of madness.

For all this suffered by Miles, the fellow fighters were grateful and prayed for his safe return’. At the same time, the whistleblowers will never stop fighting!

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