The Collapse Of Silicon Valley Bank Will Promote The process of Taking Down The CCP

On March 12, Miles Guo mentioned in his Grand Live Broadcast that Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), as the most important intermediate of digital currencies and fiat currencies, its collapse could cause the collapse of blockchain finance and the 1.07 trillion global digital currency market, and will trigger a world-class financial crisis.

Silicon Valley Bank, due to its pro-Beijing background, most of its clients are celebrities, business partners of the CCP, CCP kleptocrats such as Wang Qishan and Jiang Zhicheng and their financial puppets such as Shen Nanpeng and Pan Shiyi. As a result, the SVB has almost 20 percent of deposits related to the CCP, and based on the CCP doesn’t generate the wealth but steals from the Chinese people, the legitimacy of these funds is worth investigating.

The Collapse of the SVB and the global financial crisis it causes will benefit the New Federal State of China (NFSC) on the cause of taking down the CCP. It will not only make the West wake up earlier and stop supporting the Chinese regime from all aspects, but it will also make the NFSC stronger economically. It is the nature of money to flow to a safe place, and a large amount of capital that has already fled from China and is fleeing will have no choice but to flow to NFSC’s Himalaya Exchange. And the Chinese regime will not maintain its dictatorship much longer without the money.

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