Data shows that the Influenza A virus cases increased 31 times in Communist China

According to media reported data on March 11, the number of Influenza A virus cases in mainland China this year has increased by 3,173% compared to the same period last year, and the number of people infected with Influenza A virus is increasing rapidly across the country.

The WeChat index on March 10 also showed that the number of searches for “Influenza A virus” and “norovirus” and related information increased dramatically compared to the same period last year.

The media reported that a 9-year-old boy admitted to the ICU of Zhejiang Children’s Hospital was diagnosed with Influenza A virus and developed severe pneumonia, and his lung CT showed a large white shadowed area. The child already developed a fever and impaired consciousness before being admitted to the hospital. Dr. Chen Ying of Zhejiang Children’s Hospital said that since February this year, the number of children infected with the Influenza A virus at the hospital has been on the rise significantly, 80 times more than that in January.

In the meantime, schools were temporarily closed in Shanghai, Ningbo, and Jinhua due to the severe impact of the Influenza A virus and norovirus. Many commented that this phenomenon is the consequence of CCP virus vaccine side effects.

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