The CCP Uses Miles Guo’s Money to Hurt Him

Since 2017, Miles Guo has been exposing the corruption of high-ranking members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their evil plans for the world. Since then, the group of kleptocrats led by Xi Jinping has never missed an opportunity to harm Miles Guo and his family.

 Their tactics include using all possible means, such as BGY, to undermine and prevent Miles Guo and his cause. They also use threats and coercion to harm Miles Guo’s family and friends to force him to give up his cause out of heartache and despair.

 The CCP has confiscated all of Miles Guo’s family’s assets, even pocket money that they gave to their elderly father. To achieve the goal of Miles Guo’s repatriation, the CCP has used various connections and paid exorbitant bribes to high-ranking officials in the United States.

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