CPAC Delivered the Voice of American Patriots

The CPAC event was successfully concluded, but its impacts and impressions on people are far-reaching. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) has shown the world the best image of clean, wise, sincere, and persistent. We voiced our determination to take down the CCP, and connected with warriors in various countries who share the same goal. While the Chinese are whistleblowing the world, US patriots are fighting with US traitors in different fields. It is good to know that some wise people always realize CCP’s evil attempts under their behavior logic and CCP’s damage to human society. CPAC is a stage for the NFSC to save our compatriots and like-minded people, and it is also a stage for justice power to speak out their assertive voice. The Whistleblower movement is not alone, and the end of the CCP began to countdown.

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