After FBI Raid, CCP Overseas Police Station In New York Has Been Closed

On February 3rd, a State Department spokesperson’s email stated that the FBI has confirmed that the New York ‘overseas police station’ associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has been closed. The U.S. will continue to monitor the CCP’s global crackdown and is coordinating with allies and partners on this issue.

 According to another New York media report, the facility in New York’s Chinatown was closed just weeks after FBI agents raided the building last fall. This overseas police station and more than 100 similar facilities constitute a network of clandestine facilities that the CCP, experts believe, uses to carry out global crackdowns. In addition, reports indicate that the overseas police stations have ties to the CCP’s United Front Work Department. The United Front Department works to advance the CCP regime’s overseas interests by spreading propaganda, conducting foreign influence activities, suppressing dissidents, gathering intelligence, and facilitating technology transfers to the CCP. As a result, many countries are concerned that these facilities represent a threat to national security and an infringement of sovereignty. Officials in Ireland, Canada, and the Netherlands have now called on the CCP to stop similar police actions in their countries.

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