Beijing Liaison Office: CCP’s ‘Experimental Field’ For Its BGY Plan

After the tax-sharing reform in 1994, the local government’s financial power was transferred to the central government. To obtain more resources and benefits, provincial governments, city governments, down to the county and district governments all competed to set up their own liaison offices in Beijing to bribe the officials of the central ministries and agencies with money and sex. At its peak, there were as many as 10,000 such offices in Beijing.

 Miles Guo revealed in a live broadcast on February 1 that the Beijing Office is essentially a “”comprador”” designed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) politicians Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong and Zhu Rongji, through which local governments bribe their superiors with money and sex, develop political connections, and carry out corruption, scheming and frame-ups. This approach later developed into the CCP’s BGY plan and has been widely used to infiltrate foreign countries. B is short for blue, meaning control of the internet and media, G is short for gold meaning money and bribery, and Y is short for yellow, which means honey trapping. The CCP used its embassy and consulate abroad, the Confucius Institute, and state-backed hotels that accommodated foreign diplomats and private citizens in Communist China to collect all kinds of intelligence illegally and further control the politics and media of other countries. That’s why the entire world has turned a blind eye to the issues related to COVID, aka the CCP virus, and the vaccines.

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