Thailand Could Become First Country To Hold Pfizer Accountable For CCP Virus Vaccine Disasterer

Recently, Professor Sucharit Bakdi, a microbiologist with Thai and German nationalities, quoted Thai government officials in an interview as saying that after learning of the dangers of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, Thailand has decided to announce the cancellation of the contract with Pfizer in the short term and demanded compensation from Pfizer for its fraudulent representations to compensate the tens of thousands of Thais who lost their lives due to vaccination. Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the eldest daughter of the king of Thailand, suddenly fainted on December 14 last year. After being sent to the hospital for treatment, she was diagnosed with severe irregular rhythms in heartbeats. She is still in a coma. Not long ago, she had just received a booster shot of the CCP virus vaccine. The rumour went that the princess was in a deep coma on the day she was sent to the hospital and was totally dependent on medications and machines to maintain her life. The Thai authorities may even have to announce her death after the Songkran Festival in mid-April. The Thai royal family was initially told that the princess’s coma had nothing to do with the CCP virus. But then, the king summoned Professor Bakdi and asked him for the truth about the vaccine. After learning about the toxic nature of the CCP virus vaccines, the King of Thailand and the government’s medical advisers were shocked and began to realise that everyone, including members of the Thai royal family, was all victims of the toxic CCP virus vaccine. With anger, they said that Thailand would become the first country in the world to hold Pfizer accountable, and promised to terminate the contract with Pfizer, and at the same time, Thailand demanded billions of dollars from Pfizer to compensate all vaccinated Thais who were misled by Pfizer’s credibility in the medical field.

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