U.S. Will Provide Patriot Missiles to Ukraine

On December 21st, the Pentagon said that as part of its $1.85 billion military assistance, the United States would provide Ukraine with Patriot missile systems for the first time. The scheme aims to protect military and civilian targets by targeting medium-range and high-altitude targets such as missiles, fighter aircraft, bombers, and unscrewed aircraft.

Ukraine’s energy and power infrastructure is currently suffering from serial attacks by Russian missiles and drones. Not only did civilians suffer casualties, but Ukrainian electricity was also severely damaged. At the direction of President Biden, the United States has made it a priority to provide air defense systems to help protect the people of Ukraine from Russian aggression. The United States has not sent Patriot air defense missile systems to Ukraine because of fears of escalation. But after weeks of deliberations, the Biden administration has reversed its stance. The Pentagon said the Patriot air defense missile system would strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses against threats from Russia. The United States has pledged more than $21 billion in military aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24th. In addition, Congress has proposed $45 billion in emergency funding for Ukraine, which is awaiting passage by both houses of the Senate and President Biden’s signature.

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