Spike Protein is a Carcinogenic Toxin

In a live broadcast on November 17th, Miles Guo pointed out that humanity has reached a critical moment where people will be facing life and death, that the biggest future crisis humans face will be survival, and that sperm and eggs that are not contaminated by the CCP virus vaccine are the most valuable. Within three years, humanity will enter an extraordinary period in which healthy sperm and eggs become the fastest appreciating and most valuable goods in the world. A Swedish biotech company was recently acquired by a Japanese company with forty times premium pay for more than ten percent of its shares. As of now, a high quality egg has been selling for as much as 100,000 to100,000to150,000, far more than the price of Bitcoin, which is something no one ever expected. People like Yang Gailan, can have enough money to spend for a lifetime from selling her eggs. With the advent of quantum computing and the digital age, everything in human society will change. The way humans live will change dramatically as advances in chips, computing speed, and storage technology, and changes in communication and media dissemination. The truth will be more easily discovered by the public, and the government’s tactics of brainwashing by manipulating information will no longer be feasible. Miles is concerned about recent acquisitions of sperm and eggs worldwide by the Beijing Genomics Institute, biological companies under Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Social sciences, which are all controlled by the CCP, as they know very well that vaccines for CCP virus will affect fertility. As a result, CCP can monopolise the healthy sperm and eggs of Chinese people by all means.

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