U.S. Tightens Anti-Epidemic Measures On Travelers From China

According to foreign media reports on December 28, with the sudden cancellation of the Zero-COVID policy by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), its infection rate is soaring. After multiple countries announced temporary restrictions on entry, the United States imposed new rules for travelers from China.

Health officials said that starting from January 5, all passengers over the age of two departing from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau are required to undergo a CCP virus antigen test within two days before departure and obtain a negative certificate before they can board the plane. Those who tested positive more than 10 days before their flight must provide recovery documentation. These measures also apply to passengers transiting through a third country or the United States. Washington will continue to monitor the situation and adjust any necessary measures as needed.

Earlier, some U.S. officials accused the CCP of failing to provide “adequate and transparent” data, which is critical to effectively monitoring infection spikes and reducing the chances of new variants emerging. The United States convened urgent consultations with public health experts and international partners, participants showing common concern that the lack of genome sequencing data hinders the effective identification and prevention of new variants.

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