Return Of Miles Guo, The CCP Terminator

On December 29, the seventh day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Miles ended his three-week retreat to observe mourning for his father and returned to the Grand Live Broadcast today.

During this time, the world situation has changed dramatically, especially in the Communist China, which epidemic control policy has suddenly moved from the extreme of lockdown to the extreme of full liberalization, coupled with the ultra-high vaccination rate for the CCP virus, it has led to a violent outbreak in the country, killing and injuring countless people and leaving very few uninfected.

What is even more outrageous is that the CCP is deliberately relaxing its border control at this point, in an attempt to once again transport the epidemic to the whole world and bring disaster to all countries.

Thankfully, more and more countries have been wary of the CCP for a long time and have put in place various timely countermeasures. The CCP’s deliberate image of global prosperity and power has already collapsed.

At this important and crucial moment in history, Miles’s return will bring new driving force to the fighters of the Whistleblower Movement to exterminate the CCP.

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