CCP And Russia Use Internet Information And Social Media Warfare To Split The U.S. Society

According to a December 27 foreign media report, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Russia not only use the Internet to hack U.S. computers, but also use information, public opinion, and psychological warfare to manipulate the minds of Americans through social media platforms.

The report said that a close associate of Putin admitted in early November that Russia interfered in the U.S. election, similar to the Cold War when Russia used information manipulation to spread alleged American racism and imperialist misdeeds. The CCP has fully learned this from Russian, exploiting the political division between the two U.S. parties by spreading false messages to each side.

For example, the CCP uses fake Twitter accounts to fan the flames. One disclosed account run by a CCP spy with 26,000 followers before it was closed spread false information about Obama and tried to change voters’ decisions. Another fake account accused Trump of persecuting minorities, creating as much division among the American public as possible.

In addition to election and political topics, the Communist China and Russia use freedom of speech as a means to influence the stability of American society when it comes to points of disagreement on social issues including abortion, gun control, ethnic groups, and police behavior.

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