To Prevent The Epidemic, Japan Fully Tests Chinese Travelers

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on December 27th that the country will strengthen border precautionary measures by testing for the virus from December 30th on all incoming passengers from or having visited Communist China in the past seven days. The announcement said this is a temporary emergency measure in response to the surge of the epidemic in Communist China. The Japanese side said that the current rapid antigen testing for suspicious inbound travelers will be extended to all travelers entering from Communist China. Any travelers who shows positive results in the rapid antigen screening will be taken to a designated location for seven days of quarantine, and their test samples will also be delivered for sequencing. In order to ensure effective border screening, the Japanese government will temporarily limit the number of flights to and from Communist China. As the end of the year approaches, traffic is rising in Japan, and many people will attend gatherings of family and friends or travel during the New Year’s holiday, which will create favorable conditions for the spread of an outbreak. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also criticized the lack of transparency in the Chinese Communist Party, making it difficult for outsiders to assess and develop security measures, “with huge differences in information between the central government and local authorities, and between the government and private organizations.” In Japan, there is growing concern about this, so it was decided to take temporary special measures to deal with the situation.

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