Solana’s Dying Struggle To Relocate NFT Project

On December 27th local time, NFT company Dust Labs is relocating two of its top-performing Solana NFT projects to Ether and Polygon, scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

The two NFT projects are DeGods and y00ts, and its creators say the decision was made to explore new opportunities and to be able to continue growing its value. This creator believes that once enough IP is gained on a platform, it becomes a positive cycle. For example, people like Netflix because it has a strong brand value, and it is currently the same for blockchain. Different blockchains try to build the best NFT platform, which is attention-driven and the more attention the net gets, the more it drives its value growth.

However, the news only adds to Solana’s growing concerns. According to the statistics, the total value of Solana has fallen 97.88%, from a peak of $10.17 billion to the current $215 million. A figure with 1 million Twitter followers initiated a poll, “Is Solana dead?” and 70 percent of the 11,881 voters voted “yes.”

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