Say No to Evil’ Protests Continue at Christmastime

On December 25th, the “Say No to Evil” protests reached their 36th day.

On the occasion of Christmas, two fellow fighters of the NFSC were interviewed at the Connecticut protest scene. They said that the Christmas season is the time for Santa Claus to bring presents and blessings to all people across the world. However, Luc Despins and his gang, teaming up with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), are plundering the wealth of people around the world.

Therefore, the fellow fighters insisted on remaining at the forefront of the protest even on Christmas day, reiterating that by doing so, they wanted to make the CCP’s lackeys or spies, such as Despins, to feel the pressure of the “consistent” and “omnidirectional” protests from NFSC’s fellow fighters around the world, and he will have nowhere to hide.

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