The CCP Makes Money From The Dead; Bodies Burned In Crematoriums And Hospital Cases Hit Record High

The Communist China-owned online media recently reported that an internal circular, praising crematoriums, was recently issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau in Hebei Province. Meanwhile, in Zhejiang Province, a hospital publicly and enthusiastically celebrated that the hospital exceeded 2 million outpatient and emergency services. Such incidents of earning unethical money were exposed on the Internet, triggering strong discontent among the domestic public. On December 26th, an internal document from the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei Province was released on the internet media. The document said that since December 1st to the 10th, the average daily cremation of remains in the region is more than 20 cases, and the average daily cremation volume since December 10th is as much as 30 cases. Especially between December 17th and 18th, the daily cremation volume reached 41 cases. The document even claims that the situation has been “well received” by the public and “affirmed” by the leadership. Citizens on the internet have accused the briefing of improper wording and pointed out that crematoriums and funeral parlors are profitable industries monopolized by the Chinese Communist Government and the epidemic has made funeral and related industries big profits. It was also reported on December 21st, that Taizhou Central Hospital in Zhejiang Province recently celebrated its outpatient and emergency services exceeding 2 million by publicly typing the word “Happy News,” on a large electronic screen. The hospital also displayed the words “Good News,” on many screens throughout the hospital. The video was immediately and widely criticized, with people accusing the Chinese Communist Party of creating a money-making business out of guise of healing and helping people.

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