Mortality Spike In Guangzhou And Chongqing; Funeral Homes Are Overflowing With Remains

The recent national scale CCP virus outbreak hit hard in Chongqing and Guangzhou. Funeral homes have experienced a shortage of freezers and no place to store the remains.The personnel of the Funeral Home in Conghua District, Guangzhou told the media that there were too many remains to be disposed on daily basis, at this time, the speed of cremation could not keep up with the speed of admission, and that there was not enough room in the freezer to keep the remains. Five funeral homes in Guangzhou were all booked and it took days for people to queue up. According to the personnel of the funeral home in Zengcheng District, while waiting times for the funeral home in Panyu were even longer. On the 24th, someone was discovered in a funeral home in Guangzhou selling numbers for profit. This angered other people who had been waiting in line for hours and led to violent altercations. In Chongqing, there were long lines of vehicles outside several funeral homes. Some claimed that the line of vehicles went on for kilometers. The personnel of funeral home in Yubei District claimed that the freezer was always full and that there was a long line for cremations. Recently, Miles Guo disclosed that the true reason for the latest outbreak in China is the vaccine disaster. The vaccinated are under higher risk of reinfection and are extremely hazardous once they do.

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