Coffins in Beijing Sold Out! There is No Space to Put Bodies and Crematoriums are Overloaded

As the CCP virus pandemic continues to break out in China, many places in China have reported full emergency rooms, funeral homes, etc. Not only that, the situation is deteriorating faster than expected. At late night on December 22th, someone in Beijing posted on CCP social media Weibo that Beijing’s funeral homes were crowded, and what’s even worse was that there is nowhere to put the bodies. Some corpses can only be placed outside in the hospital square and exposed to the sun, which broke the hearts of many families. This person mentioned that his grandmother passed away at noon because of pneumonia caused by a fever due to the infection of the CCP virus. To deal with his grandmother’s funeral affairs, he called all the funeral homes in Beijing, but none of them were able to receive the body because too many people had passed away. But the worst part is that the Beijing funeral home now “doesn’t even have enough place to put the bodies, so the bodies end up in the open parking lot of the hospital. According to the photos provided, several bodies wrapped in yellow cloth were temporarily placed in the canopy, where 2 bodies were directly exposed to the ground without shelter. Another person revealed that the Beijing funeral home is short of coffins and even 5,000 yuan (about $700) is not enough for a coffin. However, funeral homes require people to buy a coffin, otherwise, corpses cannot be taken to the crematorium. Besides the situation in Beijing, a shocking video from a funeral home in Chongqing shows that bodies were forced to pile up in the basement as too many bodies were waiting for cremation.

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