Interview With Arizona’s Senator At ‘AMFEST 2022’

On December 20th, New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s reporter Nicole interviewed Arizona’s former Senator Anthony Kern. The Senator appreciated NFSC for its cause of “Taking Down the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)”.

Kern believes that the CCP has infiltrated the United States and is gradually taking control of Wall Street, mainstream media, social media platforms, and even the judicial system, similar to boiling a frog, the U.S. in this case, in warm water.

Kern said that the Chinese people are hard-working and decent people, it is the Chinese Communist regime that needs to be destroyed.

The Chinese people are fighting for freedom, but the totalitarian dictatorship suppressed and persecuted those nice Chinese folks. The American people cannot give their freedom away and must wake up and fight back, otherwise the United States will slide into a dictatorship like the Communist China.

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