Defend USA And Take Down CCP

On December 20th, Steve Bannon, co-founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), held an interview with two NFSC fighters who had recently given speeches at AmericaFest in Phoenix on behalf of the New Federation. Steve is proud of the NFSC and each of them for their unceasing fighting against the tyrannical doctrine from the brutal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime in an effort to free the Chinese people from further suffering.

Furthermore, Nicole and Prince from the NFSC stated that the NFSC is a tremendous endeavour to abolish the largest modern slavery system in the world, and they also expressed their heartfelt respect and gratitude to Mr. Bannon for his ideas and efforts.

Although the CCP claims to be atheist, it only wishes to establish itself as the God of gods, and it also has made significant infiltration progress in the US. Together, the people of both China and the US should expel communism from the US and support the Chinese people in their efforts to take down the CCP in China.

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