U.S. Senate Passes National Defense Authorization Act with Taiwan Provisions

 It was reported on Thursday that as the CCP strengthens their stress on Taiwan, the U.S. plans send government officials to Taiwan on an annual basis for two-year stints starting next fall. Officials are likely to work in local government departments to strengthen U.S.- Taiwan cooperation. This long-term presence proposed by the U.S. is “rare,” as officials sent to Taiwan in the past stayed for a few months at most.

The plan is attached to the Taiwan Fellowship Act and is included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is in discussion in the U.S. Congress. The NDAA was passed by the House on the 8th and was passed by the Senate on the evening of the 15th with 83 votes in favor and 11 votes against. It has now been sent to the White House for U.S. President Joe Biden’s signature to take effect. Richard Pearson, the person in charge of this plan, said that if the NDAA is successfully passed by the end of this year, the U.S. government plans to start recruiting people interested in going to Taiwan early next year and send the first batch of researchers to Taiwan in September 2023. He said the U.S. hopes that the exchange and visits will familiarize its government officials with Taiwan’s policy development and decision-making process and help cooperation and coordination between the two countries. The NDAA also requires the heads of relevant U.S. departments to develop plans to address the threats posed by CCP’s information warfare, cyberattacks, and traditional propaganda warfare.

The world power of justice is awakening. The U.S. is going to send officials to Taiwan long-term, which means the U.S. chooses to fight against the CCP. The CCP’s doom is coming.

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