We Hope Luc Despins Will Stand On The Side Of Justice

On December 14th, right where the New Federal State of China staged a protest in Connecticut, some fellow fighters expressed hopes that Lawyer Luc, after becoming aware of the evil of the CCP, would stand on the right side of history and therefore, seize a chance to redeem himself as well. Fellow fighters revealed that the New Federal State of China will not force anyone to stand with us, but any sane person will have the ability to distinguish right from wrong and make their choices. The “running dogs” of the CCP such as Sun Lijun and Wang Jian were arrested and forced into disappearance one after another. Too many lessons learned from the past have shown that those abetting the CCP in doing evil will come to no good. The New Federal State of China, like the warm sunshine, will give everyone the opportunity to get to know themselves better and choose what kind of person they want to be. Hopefully Luc will finally make the right choice, as well.

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