U.S. To Add 36 Chinese Companies To Trade Blacklist, Including YMTC

It is reported on December 13th that the Biden administration has plans to put 36 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) companies, including Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC), on a trade blacklist to prevent them from buying specific U.S. components

YMTC is a leading manufacturer of memory chips controlled by the CCP. It is accused of supplying Nand flash memory to Huawei, an already blacklisted CCP telecom equipment manufacturing major, in violation of the U.S. export control ban on Huawei. Two months ago, the U.S. had already first put YMTC and 31 other companies on an unverified list of companies subject to strict export controls.

In recent months, members of Congress have taken turns actively urging the Biden administration that YMTC must be placed on the entity list. The lawmakers also warned Apple to stop purchasing chips from YMTC or face severe scrutiny.

If YMTC is confirmed to be on the entity list, U.S. suppliers must apply for additional licenses in order to ship to them. This would further undermine the development of the CCP’s semi-semiconductor industry.

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