Sanctions, Technological Development, Pandemic Policy Shift Are Forming A Siege Against The CCP

On December 16, Miles Guo gave an audio summary and analysis of the various events currently happening in the world that are conducive to taking down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The World Health Organization, under the urging of the United States, will soon declare the end of the CCP virus pandemic. This, in effect, will force Xi Jingping to abandon the strict domestic controls, causing a major setback to his attempt to control his countrymen or even dominate the world through arbitrary policy in the name of the CCP virus pandemic. On the technological side, the success of U.S. nuclear fusion research marks an important step toward achieving zero carbon emissions. This new technology will provide the society with unlimited clean energy, which will significantly disrupt the traditional energy industries dominated by fossil energy sources. This will completely break Xi’s attempt to ally with the Middle East and coerce the world by monopolizing the world’s energy supply. On the political side, U.S. has just issued sanctions against 36 Chinese companies, mainly semiconductor manufacturers. This is a huge blow to the powerful CCP kleptocracies and their colluding foreign capital and powers that are backing these Chinese semiconductor companies.

Thus, step by step, U.S. is undermining CCP’s strategic attempt to dominate the world.

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