US Will Announce The Provision Of Patriot Missile Defense Systems To Ukraine

According to foreign media reports on December 13, two US officials said that Washington may announce decision to provide the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine as early as December 15. Ukrainian troops will undergo months of training in Germany before the Patriot missile defense system is sent to Ukraine.

As the report said, the Patriot is considered to be one of the most advanced U.S. air defense systems and is usually in short supply, with allies around the world vying for it. The Patriot air defense system will help Ukraine to counter Russian strikes on its energy infrastructure as Russian missile and drone attacks continue.

Alexander Vindman, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who led Ukraine policy at the White House, believes that it is very significant for the Kyiv government to obtain the Patriot missile defense system, which would enable the Ukrainians to meet such challenges if Russians bring in short-range ballistic missiles from Iran.

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