Beijing Morgues, Crematorium And Funeral Homes Overwhelmed By Large Number Of Deaths

On the evening of December 11th, Eastern Time, a screenshot of an instant message on so-cial media in China showed that the morgues, crematoriums, and funeral homes in Beijing are currently overwhelmed.

The help-seeker said that he chose to seek help from a well-known online influencer because he was worried that the content he sent would be deleted or censored by the authorities. It is reported that the help-seeker’s father passed away at home on the afternoon of the day. Before asking for help on social media, he had spent three hours contacting different funeral homes, cremation services, and hospital morgues in the city, but still could not find a cold storage or mortuary to place the body of his father.

The help-seeker could not believe that this is Beijing, where there is nowhere to put remains after people die.

However, the information has triggered a lot of online comments. The public questioned whether there are so many deaths in Beijing that Beijing’s major funeral homes cannot have the capacity to process the remains of the deceased. Some commentators also questioned whether people in Beijing are dying in enormous numbers because of the CCP virus vac-cines.

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