Ontario Hospital To Consider Employing Unvaccinated Staffs

Recently, in Ontario, one of three Canadian provinces that once required healthcare workers to be vaccinated against the CCP virus, the South Bruce Gray Health Center (SBGHC), announced that it was reassessing its vaccine mandate policy and considering recruitment due to increased respiratory infection cases, lack of emergency room facilities and demand of the patients, because previously, a lot of the health workers who refused to get vaccinated against the CCP virus have been dismissed.

The hospital will be the first in Ontario to lift its CCP virus vaccine mandates. Currently, healthcare workers who test positive for CCP virus are still working due to “critical staffing needs.”

A nurse who was not vaccinated against the CCP virus has told local governors and health officials she is eager and ready to return to work. Locals also supported her decision to return to hospital work.

Numerous nurses in Ontario, who were fired from hospitals for refusing to be vaccinated against the CCP virus, have been working in supermarkets, service industries and dairy farms. They are all eager to return to the hospital and resume their medical duties.

“The vaccine mandate is illogical”, says an Ontario human resources expert who also stated that throughout the CCP virus pandemic, the virus is still circulating among health care workers who have been vaccinated against the virus.

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