US Ambassador To Beijing Urged CCP To Halt Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity

On December 10th, 2022, anniversary of International ”Human Rights Day” designated by the United Nations (UN), Nicholas Burns, the U.S. ambassador to China, urged the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) to put an end to its genocide in Xinjiang, its crackdown in Tibet, its violation of Hong Kong’s autonomy, and its global campaign of transnational repression.

Ambassador Burns remarked that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was enacted by the UN 74 years ago today. The United States remains deeply concerned over the People’s Republic of China’s failure to live up to its international commitments to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Therefore, the United States calls on the Chinese government to stop the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, the repressive policies of in Tibet, the dismantling of its commitment to Hong Kong’s autonomy, the arbitrary detention of peaceful dissidents, and the global campaign of transnational repression. The United States keeps on supporting the right to peaceful protest, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, as well as the rule of law.

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