The White Paper Movement Led To The Death Of The CCP; 25,000 People Were Secretly Imprisoned

On December 6th, Miles Guo revealed on GETTR that Xi Jinping believed that the ” White Paper Movement” had shaken the CCP’s fundamentals and led to a crisis of party collapse. He said harsh words to the party and ordered that within the ” White Paper Movement,” all the planners and participants of the attack were identified, and none were spared. As of the same day, excluding those released, 25,000 people have been arrested and detained across the country. This political movement, which resembles the persecution of participants in the “June 4th Student Movement,” is intensifying. By mourning the death of Jiang Zeminthe ‘relaxation’ of pandemic prevention, and Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia, participants of the “White Paper Movement” are constantly mutilated. The “White Paper Movement” was passive and not as timely and effective as the “Flame Protest.” This retaliatory arrest by the CCP authorities forced many people understand the reality. It is useless to reason with authoritarian hooligans. Soldiers fight on the front line, and literati can also fight in their own way. Unfortunately, this has no effect. For the evil party of the CCP, all preparations are insufficient. The students in their prime may use their actions to fight. A small number of people have been awakened. Still, most people live and dream in the sheepfold created by the CCP. This is irony and reality. Hopefully, these arrested students can get through this crisis safely, and the “white paper movement” can become the fuel for the “Flame Protest,” so it will ignite all over the country and lead the CCP to its demise!

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