CCP Forces Hong Kong To ‘Decolonize,’ British Buildings Will Face Changes Of Names

According to local media report, in a speech delivered earlier on “National Constitution Day” as declared by the CCP, Beijing’s top official in Hong Kong asked all sectors to consciously uphold the authority of the Constitution, strengthen the patriotic spirit of Hong Kong people, and as they say “get rid of the influence of colonization completely”.

The director of the Hong Kong Liaison Office, Luo Huining made use of the promotion of the Constitution of CCP to propose the complete decolonization of Hong Kong. The Pro-Beijing Legislative Council member immediately responded and proposed removing the law’s colonial wordings.
Member Maggie Chan Man-ki also a deputy of the CCP’s National People’s Congress, proposed that the Hong Kong government should immediately remove building and place names that involve colonial wordings.

The commentator pointed out that the “Decolonization” proposed by senior CCP officials shows Beijing’s attempt to further “mainland” Hong Kong. Iconic Hong Kong place names such as Victoria Park and Queen’s Road may disappear, paving the road to reshaping Hong Kong’s culture completely. CCP applied the same communist United Front Work used against the Mainland people to the Hong Kong people so that Hong Kong-style culture would disappear. The goal is to transform the advanced civilization and ideas that Hong Kong people learned from the U.K. during the British era into the “ideology of the CCP.”

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