Latvia Revokes License Of Independent Russian TV Channel

According to a report on December 6, Latvia revoked the license of an independent Russian TV channel, TV Rain, since it spread messages supporting the Russian military and displayed a Russian map including Crimea.

On Friday, Latvian state security service started a probe into statements made by TV Rain on suspicion that it was supporting Kremlin’s current aggressive war in Ukraine, since the anchor of TV Rain program invited Russian soldiers and their families to share their stories with the channel and promised to offer help.

The decision of the Latvian National Electronic Mass Media Committee was based on several recent violations by the TV Rain channel and the license was revoked on the grounds of threatening national security and public order. The decision will take effect on Thursday, when both the TV Rain’s broadcasts and its programs on YouTube would be blocked in Latvia.

TV Rain, which has been criticizing Moscow’s policies and has widely reported on opposition protests since its establishment in 2010, can appeal against Latvian Media watchdog’s ruling. At present, the host has come forward to apologize, saying that he hasn’t promised to provide material assistance to the Russian troops on the front line in Ukraine. The TV Rain channel has also fired the anchor and made an apology.

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