Top CCP Official Fu Zhenhua Investigated, Paul Hastings Will Be Exposed

As early as October 13, 2021, Miles Guo talked in a live broadcast about the case in which Fu Zhenhua was investigated – it would trigger a series of changes in top law firms in Communist China and overseas. Fu Zhenghua was the former “Minister of Justice” of Communist China. All major law firms in Europe and the United States have practices in Hong Kong and Communist China or have some type of cooperation with Communist China. Fu was the highest-ranking officer in the CCP’s Ministry of “Justice” who was responsible for regulating the licenses of lawyers and managing the business of cooperation with foreign lawyers. Using his position, it is natural for Fu to take bribes or extort big benefits from those law firms, including using them to launder money and transfer assets overseas.

Paul Hastings not only has deep connections with Communist authorities, but its influence also spanned in a wide range of businesses, and its partners are often large state-owned enterprises of Communist China. Paul Hastings has made itself a partner with the CCP, and one of their middlemen is a law firm called Zhonglun. In coordination with Zhonglun, Paul Hastings provided legal services to Communist China’s acquisition of U.S. businesses.

In 2013, Autohome, the No. 1 ranked auto website in Communist China, was official listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ATHM). Its lead underwriters were Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs. On June 25, 2016, Ping An Trust, through an offshore SPV, completed the closing of a 47.4% stake in Autohome Inc.

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