Technological Giants Working for CCP Will Be Subjected To Governmental Control

It was reported that on Dec 4th, former State Secretary Mike Pompeo discussed the CCP’s threat and its influence on American companies, in particular the tech giants in an interview program.

Apple, the world’s highest-valued company, has changed the operational mode of its AirDrop in Communist China and restricted the function, rendering the protesters unable to communicate through the feature. Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook remained silent when asked whether he supported Chinese people’s right to protest.

Securities and Exchange Commission filings showed Apple’s revenue from Communist China in the last fiscal year reached up to $74.2 billion. The company has signed a five-year contract with the CCP authorities to help Beijing establish its own technology.

Pompeo said if these tech giants refused to adjust their policies and intended to continue to underwrite, financing the CCP’s expansion, then the Americans would have to take that into their own hands. In addition, he believed the political risk to companies such as Apple was real.

If big techs couldn’t see they are depriving the Chinese people of dignity and putting American people at risk as well, then the Congress would have to pass laws to prevent them from playing politics and colluding with the CCP, which empowered, emboldened and enriched the communist regime. He added that many companies have seen this and are attempting to move out of Communist China.

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