CCP Is the Real Overseas Force and Anti-China Organization

Three decades after the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4th, 1989, a widespread protest movement against the extreme Zero-COVID policy, “emperor” Xi’s dictatorship and totalitarian rule erupted across Communist China, with brave and angry Chinese people calling for human rights, freedom and democracy.

To distract the public attention, the CCP authorities in constant fear of losing power define the spontaneous protests as a “color revolution” instigated and supported by foreign forces. However, the CCP is the real foreign forces in this essence.

First, CCP is an organization fostered by the Soviet Communist Party and was initially termed as the Chinese branch of the Soviet Third International. Subsequently, it was named the Chinese Communist Party. Since its first National Congress in Shanghai, CCP has been receiving funds from the Communist International and was thereby given the nickname the “Ruble Party”. Second, the founder of Marxism-Leninism which the CCP believed in, came from Europe.

Not only did CCP follow Soviet Union’s communist political ideology and organizational line, but it also inherited from the violent revolution of Marx and Lenin and implemented the approach in China. The CCP is both a real foreign power and a veritable anti-China organization.

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