Putin Accidentally Fell Hard And Landed On His Tailbone, Causing Incontinence

The Russian-Ukrainian war is gradually going downhill for Putin’s side, and the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin is becoming the focus of public attention increasingly. Based on relevant reports in some recent news, on November 30 local time, Putin “fell miserably” at his home in Moscow in the evening. After landing on the ground, he rolled down five steps in a row, rolled sideways, and slid another two steps. This scene was staged in front of the president’s bodyguards, and the royal doctors rushed to assist, but he couldn’t start to check. The fall produced “excrement.” The above situation is an uncontrollable physiological reaction. In the end, other people accompanied him to the toilet to clean up before the doctors conducted a comprehensive examination. The diagnosis showed slight injury of the tailbone and soft tissues bruised, and he could continue to take medicine in the future. The relevant personnel will further investigate the accident. Putin wears non-slippery shoes at home, and the floor has specially designed non-slip rubber strips. Logically speaking, the stairs are very safe. The news was disclosed by General SVR, a social account dedicated to exposing the inside story of the Kremlin. The social account claimed to have been in close contact with Putin’s bodyguards. It is reported that Putin suffered from squamous cell carcinoma of the anus, and he refused fistula treatment. The current conservative treatment has a poor prognosis, and metastasis is suspected.

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