Don’t Be Afraid Fellow Fighters, the NFSC Will Always Stand With You

Recently, the leader of the Whistleblower Movement, Miles Guo, pointed out that fellow fighters from the New Federal State of China (NFSC) living in China have been united. Now is the best time to destroy the CCP. According to reports, since November 26, people in many cities in China have started protests against the CCP’s dictatorial ruling and the inhuman mass lockdown Zero-Covid policies. Until now, the CCP police have arrested more than 10,000 protesters. To remind the brave and fearless people to protect themselves, the NFSC gives the following suggestions hoping that all warriors will not be afraid because the NFSC will always stand with them. If you are arrested and taken to interrogation, please refer to the following advice:

1.Don’t confess easily – If the policeman doesn’t have the confession he wants, he must make other evidence very solid to make a case.

2.Know your rights – You have the right to ask the police to turn on the camera or audio recording equipment during the interrogation.

3.Not to mention irrelevant others – When answering questions, try not to involve irrelevant others. Answers like “I don’t know”, “I can’t remember clearly”, or “I don’t remember”, are the best answers for you and others.

4.Don’t admit to photos or videos – If the police take out photos or videos, you don’t have to admit it, you can say “too blurry”. It is the duty of the police to prove who this photo is, not yours.

5.Read carefully before signing the transcript – You have the right to ask the police to delete anything you didn’t say. You have the right to ask the police to record anything you said but they didn’t record it. You don’t have to sign the transcript if you don’t think the transcript is consistent with what you said, no matter how they threaten or trick you, just don’t sign it.

6.Don’t sign the transcription when encountering the following tricks by the police; (1) When the police only record what they want to record and refuse to modify it according to your request. (2) Threatening you with prison terms. The police have no power to sentence you. Whether or not you will be sentenced depends on the evidence. (3) Torture and beating. There are relatively few incidents of torture and beating by the police in big cities, but beatings are still common police when dealing with mass incidents. When you are beaten, handle the situation flexibly and don’t fight head-to-head with the police. Afterward, you can go for a checkup at the hospital and make a complaint if needed. Complaints are not always helpful, but they can make the police feel restrained.

7.The possibility of any participants in a street protest being sentenced to prison is very little, and the maximum detention period is 15 days, without a criminal record.

Under the tyranny, the war has already started. Those in power are all in panic from day to night. They will greatly supress the voices with all they can. Beware, comrades! But don’t forget that the New Federal State of China is right beside you.

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