US Politicians Express Support For Protesters In Communist China

On November 28th, the White House expressed its support for the protests erupting in various regions throughout Communist China. Additionally, several House Representatives urged the Biden administration to publicly back the Chinese demonstrators. John Kirby, coordinator at the National Security Council, said that the government should protect citizens’ right to assemble and peacefully protest against problematic laws and policies, adding that Washington was not in favor of CCP’s lockdown and Zero-Covid policy.

Senator Mark Warner believed that the Chinese people were expressing their desire to have more freedom and less censorship. Senator Ted Cruz warned CCP more directly that the United States would hold each and every CCP official responsible for atrocities against protesters in the coming months or years. Julian Ku, a professor of law at Hofstra University in New York, stated that the Chinese people risked being put in jail to speak out loudly and publicly, and attempted to mobilize more people to show solidarity. The actions demonstrated the level of their rage and the difference from previous protests.

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