Growing Support For The New Federal State Of China’s Protest In The U.S.

A Fellow Fighter participated on November 28th NFSC protest shared two brief stories that he had encountered.

The fellow fighter said there was a Chinese lady who was heading to a rally that day to support the demonstration happening in Communist China, asked for a large quantity of the flyers after hearing about the protest from the NFSC fellow fighters. She promised to share and spread the words around.

The other person encountered is an American who met Xi Jinping for dinner three years ago. The American said he could sense Xi’s ambition at that moment. He is quite supportive of the Fellow Fighters’ protests now and is aware of the suffering that the Chinese people are through under Xi’s leadership.

Our protest is progressively strengthening and growing its influence every day, it will continue to grow and triumph shall be the freedom loving peoples in the end.

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