Beijing “White Guards” Strike To Collect Salaries At The Gate Of The Street Office And Shouts, Return The Money” “

On November 29, there are videos online thare are shared about a group of “white guards” in Beijing went on a pay strike outside their local street offices. The video took place in the Anhuaxili community, Anzhen street, Chaoyang district, Beijing. A nearby resident filmed at least 30 epidemic prevention personnel in white protective clothing gathered at the entrance of the street office. It kept shouting, “return the money, return the money,” while some people even sat on the ground.

After learning about the situation the “white guards” that are protesting are the epidemic prevention personnel who have their salaries settled daily. However, the Chinese Communist Party has been implementing large-scale nucleic acid tests and strict curbs, which have increased fiscal expenditure and burden. Hence, they are unable to pay their salaries on time. In July of this year, the “white guards” in the Fengtai District of Beijing also demanded wages through strikes and banners and claimed that the Qingta Street office defrauded anti-epidemic medical staff.

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