Iranian leader Khamenei fails heart surgery, has 1% chance of survival

On September 29, Miles Guo broke the news in his live broadcast that Iranian religious leader Ali Khamenei was dying due to a failed heart surgery.

Ali Khamenei began surgery for heart failure caused by myocarditis on September 26. but on September 29, a team of doctors declared that recovery of his heart function was unlikely and that his death would be announced within the next 48 hours, according to reliable information.

Ali Khamenei had been diagnosed with prostate cancer years ago, and his surgery was successful, but with this heart surgery, Khamenei’s chances of survival are less than one percent.

Miles Guo commented that Khamenei’s imminent disappearance as one of the last totems of religiosity would hugely impact the world landscape.

The demise of the religiosity represented by Khamenei will make the world look at Islam anew.

Khamenei, the Chinese Communist Party, and Putin own a large percentage of bitcoin and Ethereum. Miles Guo’s revelation a few days ago that Putin had been diagnosed with squamous anal cancer, coupled with today’s Khamenei’s heart surgery, will cause a large amount of money to lose and foreshadows the collapse of the Communist Party’s evil coalition.

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