U.S. and Europe Intensifies Sanctions on CCP and Taiwanese Traitors

In a Gettr post on September 17th, Miles Guo warned that the countdown to the Taiwan invasion would begin after the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Presently, the CCP military is actively deploying military supplies across many places as part of its pre-war preparation. Taiwan’s government, military, and people must remain alert to Beijing’s every move and be aware of collusion between Taiwanese traitors and Beijing, who will betray Taiwan’s interests at a crucial time.

Since the 17th, the United States and Europe have introduced a series of proposals to firmly support and protect Taiwan. By the end of this year, severe sanctions will be imposed on overseas assets and individuals of CCP kleptocrats and their families, as well as Chinese companies that have colluded with the CCP, including Taiwanese traitors. From the end of September to early October, the Russian-Ukrainian war will have dramatic developments. Autumn of October will bring significant changes.

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