Insiders Claim Putin’s Health is ‘Deteriorating’

According to Miles Guo and his sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive and recent unpredictable actions may be down to a severe illness. Many claims that Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine was a sign of his illness.

Recently, Miles’ intelligence has concluded that Putin was treated for “advanced cancer”. An anonymous whistleblower has claimed that Putin has been diagnosed with aggressive Carcinoma cancer and has less than 12 months to live. This makes Putin unpredictable and dangerous.

Putin has the power to bomb nuclear plants, poisoning the atmosphere, or use chemical warfare.

According to information, Putin has squamous-cell carcinoma (SCC) and that it is metastasizing, resulting in less than a year to live. Notably, Putin’s private life and regime were kept under tight wraps for some time. Journalists and dissidents who attempted to shed light on the regime’s inner workings were murdered.

We hope that a peaceful outcome will result in the end as Miles believes the heavens will deal with Putin.

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