The Chinese Communist Party is Setting Up Secret Police Stations All Over the World to Illegally Repatriate Dissidents

On September 15, foreign media reported that the Chinese Communist Party has recently opened secret “police overseas service stations for overseas Chinese affairs” in Chinese restaurants and stores throughout the United Kingdom.

 Some political exiles say the CCP is using these police overseas service stations for overseas affairs to bring dissidents, including foreign citizens, back to communist China. Although the police stations said they were helping Chinese tourists and overseas Chinese with official paperwork such as extending their driver’s licenses, researchers found that they were actually hunting down and extorting Chinese citizens and forcing them to return to their home countries.

 According to a report released by the human rights group Defenders, these police stations are under the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department and are operated by local Chinese hometown associations. They usually operate in insignificant locations such as Chinese restaurants, convenience stores or chamber of commerce offices. Their activities are clandestine and not known to the police or the public.This addition of informal police stations raises worry when the CCP is accused of harassing political dissidents in territories such as the United Kingdom. The CCP has reportedly set up a total of 54 police overseas service stations for overseas Chinese affairs outside Communist China in the past few years, including 36 in Europe.

 The human rights group’s report also noted that these police overseas service stations do not follow formal extradition procedures when repatriating Chinese nationals. The Communist government is trying to bypass legal procedures and make it less difficult to get so-called “fugitives” back to China.

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