Chinese Server Manufacturers Will Supply Servers to Russia

The media in communist China said on September 17 that a covert Chinese company had won the $128 million server purchase contract with Sberbank, a Russian majority state-owned banking and financial services company. According to a source, the majority of the server that won the bid is already in stock and can be shipped directly from the Russian warehouse, and the delivery period for some servers is 12 weeks. Russia has been subject to significant sanctions from Europe and the US as a result of their invasion on Ukraine.

 Russian high-tech companies have relocated to Europe and the United States. Even Chinese companies like Huawei have stopped supplying servers to Russia because of the restrictions. Russia is consequently confronted with the problem of running out of high-tech equipment, and its server imports in the second quarter decreased by an abrupt 79% year over year.

 Recently, Miles Guo revealed during a live broadcast on Getter that Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin had a meeting during the SCO summit, and it has since been established that China and Russia are completely intertwined in terms of their economies, militaries, and other spheres. At this point, it became known that the CCP’s server manufacturers were supplying Russia, and it became clear that the CCP was likely aiding Russia in its criminal activities.

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